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Professionally Guided Weight Loss Solutions Tailored to You

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey estimates that more than two-thirds of adults in the US are either overweight, or obese and that number is rising. Are you part of this concerning statistic?

Unfortunately, a lot of people are. Many of our patients have tried other diet and exercise programs. Clients may lose weight, but they often gain it back over time. Others struggle with the “one size fits all” program and never actually reach their weight loss goals. At PAS, we have developed a comprehensive program for those needing to lose 20 pounds or more, that guides you in your weight loss journey, from beginning to end.

Lose Weight for Good

We provide a comprehensive, whole-body approach to weight loss. We offer a physician-guided program that is specifically designed for you, using all the components necessary for success. Dr. Greco, who is Board-certified in Internal Medicine, possesses a thorough understanding of weight gain and the metabolic syndrome, and how it affects the entire body. For those needing to lose 20 pounds or more, we take a multifaceted approach to your weight loss journey.

Body Contouring

When diet and exercise aren’t enough to deliver the results you’re looking for, consider our body contouring services. From tightening loose skin to removing those stubborn pockets of fat, we have safe and effective non-surgical solutions to help.


Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable designed to treat and minimize submental fullness, also known as a “double chin.” Kybella treatments permanently destroy fat cells under the chin. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they can no longer store or accumulate fat. This means that future treatments are often not necessary. It can take a series of treatments to achieve your desired aesthetic using Kybella and the team at PAS will help you map out an effective treatment strategy.

Skin Tightening

When the skin has lost its youthful elasticity, it begins to hang in places in shouldn’t. Loss of elasticity has many causes. Aging itself causes our skin to lose elasticity as collagen begins to break-down, and new collagen synthesis slows down.

Noninvasive Fat Destruction and Body Contouring

BTL Aesthetics revealed a powerful, noninvasive fat destroying technology that kills fat cells on treatment, and we are excited to be able to offer this treatment to our clients.

How does it work?

The BTL Exilis Ultra is the only technology on the market that uses a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound energy to dive deep below the skin and target the fat layer. The skin above is kept cool, which means you experience no discomfort. The procedure feels like a warm, soothing massage over the area being treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our comprehensive program is best suited for those needing to lose 20 pounds or more. Weight loss of 2-4 pounds per week can be expected.

Intense exercise is not a part of this program. There is no need to join a gym, or have special equipment. A light exercise regimen will be recommended and is always a healthy part of lifestyle, regardless of weight.

There is no further purchase required. Foods eaten will be those healthy choices you make with our guidance. A commitment to succeed and adherence to the recommended protocol is all that is necessary.

Absolutely! Our skin tightening service is yet another reason you should choose PAS for your comprehensive weight loss journey. As we lose weight, skin may not “snap-back” as we expect it to. This may create uncomfortable, or unwanted loose skin. The BTL Exilis Ultra at PAS is an excellent option for noninvasive skin tightening. This procedure feels like a warm stone massage. It requires zero downtime, you may literally return to your regular activities immediately after the procedure. At least 2-4 treatments are recommended, depending on the initial amount of skin looseness. Not all candidates are appropriate. If an excess amount of weight has been lost with a great amount of excess skin, surgery may be a better option for you.

Absolutely! The BTL Exilis is the ideal treatment for reducing that stubborn post-baby belly fat. This innovative, safe, and noninvasive procedure feels like a warm stone massage over the belly. Energy dives below the skin to target a layer of fat. The fat is destroyed instantly. 2-4 treatments are recommended, depending on the initial amount of fat. Results are seen with every procedure. Zero downtime. Literally return to work or your regular activities immediately after. Perfect for mommy!

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