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Treat Soft Erections with BoPriapus® aka Bocox® Treatments in Arlington

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and soft erections are a problem for many men.  Because sexual dysfunction is something that some men are uncomfortable talking about with their doctors, these symptoms often go untreated.   You do not need to suffer quietly, nor fear surgeries or medications.  To help men experiencing erectile dysfunction, the team at Physician’s Ageless Solutions offers BoPriapus® (aka Bocox®). Physician’s Ageless Solutions also provides innovative treatments for healthy men seeking to optimize performance, size, and overall sexual function.



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What is BoPriapus®?

BoPriapus® is a cutting-edge treatment developed by Dr. Charles Runels, a world-renowned sexual health expert that brought innovative solutions using autologous platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, such as the P-Shot®, O-Shot®, Vampire Facial®, and Vampire Lift®. For this treatment, a neuromodulator such as Botox® is injected into the corpus cavernosi (the spongy tissue that runs through the shaft of the penis).  Botox® relaxes the muscles of the arterioles, which in turn, increases blood flow.

The increased blood flow increases erection firmness.  In addition  to  relaxing the smooth muscle that controls blood flow into the penis, treatment is thought to improve erections by also affecting parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system balance within the penis (erection occurs through parasympathetic dominance). In studies, results showed stronger, firmer erections, an increased size of the flaccid penis, and improved function, for up to 6 months.

BoCox can improve the following:


Erectile dysfunction


Weak erections


Inability to maintain erections


Premature ejaculations


Length and girth of the penis


Orgasm quality


Overall sexual function

Benefits of BoCox

Minimally invasive treatment

Minimal discomfort during the treatment

Safe and effective procedure

Excellent alternative, or addition to, the P-shot

Improves overall erection quality

Improves self-esteem and confidence

Minimal side effects

No post-treatment downtime

Not Every Cosmetic Injector Should Be Trusted to Do This Procedure

While we use a product that many other cosmetic injectors use, it is important to keep in mind that this is NOT a cosmetic procedure and you shouldn’t work with just any injector for a treatment like this.  

The team at Physician’s Ageless Solutions in Arlington, Texas,  is certified by Dr. Charles Runels, the creator of this protocol.  He is also the creator of the P-Shot® and O-Shot®, with strict criteria that all his providers must meet in order to be able to offer his treatments by name.  It is important to work with a certified provider who has been properly trained in all aspects of using Botox® to treat soft erections. 

Physician’s Ageless Solutions is recognized as a Center of Excellence for all of Dr. Runel’s treatments.

“The Bocox™ procedure combines and standardizes best methods described by the research so that patients who receive the Bocox™ procedure enjoy the greatest chance of enjoying better sex and stronger relationships,”

~ Dr. Runels.

How to Make BoPriapus® Even MORE Effective

While BoPriapus® shots are effective on their own, if you’re dealing with other sexual dysfunction issues, Botox® injections can be paired with the P-Shot® protocol, in a treatment called the P-Shot 100®.  With this, we would inject your own platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, and Botox® to improve:

  • Erections
  • Size
  • Overall Penis Function

Botox injections can be paired with all of PAS’s innovative sex health solutions for men, including the P-Shot, GainsWave sound wave therapy, and Testosterone optimization. Together, all treatments aim to:

 Treat Erectile Dysfunction

  • Optimize Sexual Performance
  • Optimize Size
  • Prevent ED With Aging
  • Optimize Performance and Function In All Men


Can I just get the Botox shot or do I have to pair it with other treatments?

BoPriapus® aka Bocox® can be done as a standalone treatment or paired with one of our other sexual health services for maximum results.  

Is there data to support that this works?

Yes! Here are links to several studies conducted to show the efficacy of this treatment. 






Will I need anesthesia?

Absolutely not. We will give you a topical anesthetic cream to decrease discomfort at the treatment site. It is a comfortable and quick procedure that takes minutes to complete. Indeed, many men are comfortable receiving their treatment with no anesthetic at all, to avoid numbing the genitals.

Are there intimacy restrictions after this procedure?

There is zero downtime with the P-Shot or Bocox procedures. Gentlemen may feel a bit tender after injections, so use your own judgment when engaging in sexual activity after your treatment. If tenderness is experienced, this typically lasts less  than 24 hours. Most men, however, experience absolutely no discomfort.

Who is a good candidate?

Bocox is an excellent alternative for men seeking non surgical, minimally invasive treatment that does not require medications.

You’re a candidate for BoCox if you want to address certain sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction, an inability to maintain or achieve erections, or weak orgasms. This treatment is also suitable for those who either do not get adequate results, or cannot take Viagra,Cialis, or other ED medications due to side effects. During your consultation, a thorough medical history is taken and specific questions are addressed.

Of course, all treatments are available to healthy men seeking to prevent the effects of andropause, and optimize function.

What is the cost?

The Bopriapus® shot includes 100 units of neuromodulator such as Botox® injected into the penis (50 units into each corpus cavernosum) and is $1,797.  

If you add additional treatments, pricing is as follows:

P-Shot 100™ – The P-Shot® procedure combined with the Bocox™ procedure (PRP combined with 100 Units of BOTOX) is $2,787.

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