Kybella Treatment for Double Chin

Kybella – Treatment for Double Chin

For years, surgery was the only  treatment option for double chin in Arlington.  Since surgery is often costly and comes with significant recovery time, many people live with their double chin.  Then Kybella was created.  

Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable designed to exclusively treat and minimize submental fullness, also known as a “double chin.”

Whether a double chin is a result of genetics or weight gain, Kybella can effectively and  permanently destroy fat cells under the chin and restore your profile. 

    Kybella patient

    How does it work?

    After a thorough consultation with the team at PAS, if you decide Kybella is right for you, your first appointment should take less than an hour.  During your treatment, we’ll make several small injections throughout the area you want to treat. Kybella attacks the fat cells throughout the area it is injected in and works to destroy them.  Once the fat cells are destroyed, they can no longer store or accumulate fat. This means that future treatments are often not necessary. It can take a series of treatments to achieve your desired aesthetic using Kybella and the team at PAS will help you map out an effective treatment strategy.

    Before Kybella

    Before Kybella

    After Kybella

    After Kybella


    How long do results last?

    Kybella destroys the fat cells in the double chin.  Once they are destroyed they can not store or accumulate more fat. After achieving your desired results should be premanent unless you have a significant weight gain.

    Is everyone a candidate for Kybella?

    You should not get Kybella if you have an infection of any kind in or near the treatment area.  Our team will conduct a thorough assessment to determine if you’re a candidate. If you plan to have surgery or any type of cosmetic procedure on your face, neck or chin, you should also discuss that with Dr. Greco before getting Kybella.  Aside from that, most people with double chin are candidates for Kybella.

    What happens if I gain weight after getting Kybella?

    If you gain weight after getting Kybella, it is possible that submental fat deposits and fullness could return.  It’s best to try and maintain a healthy weight after your treatments to prevent new fat cells from developing.

    Is this covered by insurance?

    PAS does not accept health insurance for cosmetic treatments. 

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