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Not enjoying your intimate moments as much as you used to?  You’re not alone!  Studies show that 10% of women have never experienced an orgasm.  While others say they used to experience orgasms, but as they’ve aged and/or had children, their sexual pleasure declined.

As the woman in the video of reviews mentions, her lack of sexual pleasure was causing her to avoid having sex.  For years, women have suffered in silence, but now we’ve got a revolutionary treatment that will bring your orgasms back and make them better than ever; introducing the O-Shot®!

What is the O-Shot®?

You can get the O-Shot® in Arlington, Texas at Physician’s Ageless Solutions!  It is a simple, in-office procedure that requires no anesthetic or down time.  The O-Shot® is created using your own blood so the procedure will begin with a routine blood draw.  We take the sample we extract and spin it in our centrifuge.  This process allows us to separate the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from the red blood cells.  PRP promotes new tissue growth and repair so, we take the PRP your sample produced and inject it into the appropriate intimate area.  In as little as 20 to 30 minutes, you will be on your way to better, more powerful orgasms.  The best part about the O-Shot® is that there is no down time so you’re free to test your results immediately following your visit.

You may benefit from the O-Shot® if you are a woman who suffers from:

  • low libido, or decreased sex drive.
  • decreased ability to orgasm.
  • vaginal dryness.
  • stress urinary incontinence, or unexpected urine leakage that can happen when pressure on your bladder increases, such as when you exercise, laugh, sneeze, jump, or cough.
  • urge urinary incontinence, caused by overactive bladder (OAB), which has several different medical causes.
  • chronic pain from childbirth.
O Shot Arlington Texas

The O-Shot® and it’s creator, Dr. Charles Runels have been featured on news programs and nationally recognized media outlets such as Glamour Magazine, NYLON, Prevention Magazine and Cosmo Magazine UK! 

Expected Benefits of the O-Shot® Include:

  • decreased urinary leakage.
  • ability to hold urine longer, less restroom visits.
  • increased sensitivity.
  • improved natural lubrication.
  • increased ability to achieve climax.
  • stronger orgasm.

We are recognized Center of Excellence for the O-Shot®...here's what that means for you.

Few O-Shot® providers have been recognized for their active participation in research, and PAS enjoys this recognition! This means we offer our patients the opportunity to participate in completely ANONYMOUS surveys and data collection. That data is collected from a world-wide pool of patients receiving these same platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) treatments, allowing providers all over the world to analyze and enhance our protocols. This allows our staff to be amongst the first to discover new data. We also actively participate in journal clubs and virtual meetings with providers around the world discussing our experiences and methods- all to provide YOU, our patient, the best experience possible.

Center of ExcellencePhysician’s Ageless Solutions is recognized as a Center of Excellence, participating in research by the company that developed the P-Shot and O-Shot.  View her provider profile. 

Offers REO


Offers REO – Physician’s Ageless Solutions is also recognized for offering Radio Frequency Enhanced O-Shot treatments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

On your first visit, Dr. Greco will thoroughly go through your medical history with you. This includes going over your medical and surgical history, medications you are taking, and allergies you may have. From there, she will go over how the O-Shot® works and what you can expect during your appointment.

This procedure is a great option for women who are experiencing decreased sexual pleasure and want to see an improvement.

A good candidate is a female who has received a clear gynecologic exam from her gynecologist in the last year, and who has no active gynecologic issues. This includes no active infections at the time of procedure, no active cancers, and no active gynecologic issues that are being treated.

Yes!  The O-Shot® is created using your own PRP from your own blood sample.  We are simply taking something from one area of your body, making it better and injecting it in to your intimate area to help improve your sexual pleasure.

No!  The entire visit will take around 45 minutes but the actual shot is less than 5 minutes and most patients report that feel little to no pain so anesthesia isn’t necessary.

It is advised that you begin hydrating at least 48 hours before the procedure, and continue to hydrate 4 days after. Because the Femme 360 treatment works by direct contact on the skin, a fresh shave of the intimate area is required to ensure the best treatment results.

Regenerative medicine using PRP is not an exact science, and every body is unique. An individual’s results, the quality of results, or duration of results will vary from person to person. Chronic illness, poor nutrition, and chronic use of certain medications can blunt your best result. That being said, with a healthy lifestyle results should be enjoyed a minimum of one year, or more. If we find treatment resistance, a touch-up may be required at 6 months after your first treatment.

Unlike many other treatments, there is no down time with this procedure.  You can return to work or play immediately after your visit.

Because we are using your very own blood, there is no true “contraindication” for this treatment. There are, however, several factors that can significantly blunt your response, making it worth your while to save the treatment for later. A patient should be in general good health, and leading a healthy lifestyle at the time of treatment. There should be no active infection or illness. Use of steroids, and other anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, naprosyn, Advil, Aleve, Motrin, etc should be avoided. Excess alcohol consumption should be avoided before, during, and after treatment. Smoking should be avoided. Good hydration is key.

Yes!  We have a number of procedures that can help improve your overall sexual health.  Visit our Sexual Health  and PRP Therapy page for more information.

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