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Lips by Dr. Greco

Lip injections are one of our specialties at PAS.  Guests travel from far and wide to experience our lip filler services and that’s because we tailor each treatment to be either as natural, or as eye-catching as the guest wants.  Dr. Greco has been trained by some of the world’s most renowned lip artists using the most modern lip fillers and techniques.  She has performed thousands of lip injections and personally trained her team to provide the same high-quality injections she personally delivers.

Each person’s lips are unique.  Together with your eyes, your lips are a focal point on your face. Enhancing this area with a non-surgical solution like lip injections is something you should only trust to the most experienced injectors, like those you’ll find when you choose PAS.

Lips by Dr. Greco


Lip Injections in Arlington
Lip filler in Arlington TX
What can lip injections do for me?

Most people think lip filler is just used to add volume and create larger lips.  While that is one of the most common uses, talented injectors like Dr. Greco and her team can use lip filler to:

  • Add subtle hydration to rehydrate tired, dry lips
  • Correct asymmetries in the lips, occurring naturally, or due to scar
  • Treat a thin upper lip that appears to “disappear” with smile
  • Treat gummy smile, or excessive show of gums on smile
  • Correct lines around the lips, known as “lipstick lines” or “smoker’s lines”
  • Correct down-turned corners of the mouth
  • Provide full mouth and lower face enhancement including smile lines, frown lines, and jaw line
Why PAS for lip injections?

Lip beauty has many details.  An experienced injector pays attention to those details and leverages them during your lip filler appointment.  There is an art to lip injections and Dr. Greco is known for being one of the best injectors in Texas. 

What happens to our lips as we age?

The lips age much as the rest of our body does. Over time, the support of our lips is lost and we notice the corners of our lips turning downward, like a frown. The height between our nose and top lip gets longer, our cupid’s bow loses structure and collapses. This can also cause the lips to appear dehydrated, thin and weak. Over time, the lips will assume a deflated and disproportionate role, drawing the eye down to a heavy lower face.

I've seen people with lip injections that have noticeable nodules in their upper lip. Is that normal?

No, it’s not normal and it’s usually the result of misplaced filler, or filler migration. While not dangerous, nodules and misplaced filler may last years before fully resolving, and can affect any future cosmetic result. The team at PAS is well-experienced in assessing your lips for the need to melt.

How long do lip injections last?

Longevity will vary from client to client, but in general many guests get 6 to 9 months from a treatment.

I have filler in my lips that I'm not pleased with. Can you melt it?

Our first recommendation is that a patient return to the injector that provided the treatment to discuss your concerns and be given the opportunity to correct it. Otherwise, the team at PAS is happy to assess your lips and advise. Fortunately, HA gel fillers can easily and instantly be melted by an enzyme called hyaluronidase. After melting lip filler and nodules with hyaluronidase, we wait a minimum of 2 weeks before any re-treatment to the lips.

What is lip filler, and what are the different types of lip filler?

The term “lip filler” is generally used in reference to the large group of hyaluronic-acid (HA) gel fillers that can be injected into the lips for added hydration and volume. This is a medical treatment that should be provided by trained and experienced medical professionals. The team at PAS is highly-trained and experienced providers using the most modern options for lip filler treatment and techniques. The dermal filler options for lip enhancement include:

  • The Restylane® family Restylane -L Restylane Refyne, Restylane Defyne
  • Prollenium Revanesse® Versa, Revanesse Lips
  • RHA® Aesthetics, RHA2, RHA3

We choose the right filler for you dependent on many different factors such as your age, the quality of lip skin, previous lip treatments, your desired result, and many other factors. All filler options are chosen with safety and end-result in mind.

Do lip injections hurt?

It is very common and understandable to fear lip injections! However, there is nothing to fear at PAS where we make your lip filler treatment exceptionally comfortable. We use a strong, prescription-strength numbing cream on your lips and let it rest for 20-30 minutes before treatment. The fillers themselves also include lidocaine, a numbing medication. Together with our advanced, gentle techniques, your lip filler treatment at PAS is surprisingly comfortable. The vast majority of patients feel minimal to no pain. Although usually not necessary, patients may also use an ice pack after treatment to minimize swelling and bruising that may occur.

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