Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Over 75% Success Rate!

“Rise to the occasion” with GAINSWave, a proven therapy to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) that uses your body’s own healing mechanisms.  This nonsurgical procedure works to treat the most common cause of ED- blood flow!  GAINSWave ® is the only procedure of it’s kind that is non-invasive, drug- free and requires no down time.


Gainswave at PAS

The Benefits of GAINSWave® For Treating Erectile Dysfunction



Prevention and maintenance of healthy blood flow in the penis.


Improved Blood Flow

Achieve stronger erections that last longer.


Reduce Refractory Time

Lessen time in between orgasms.


Enhanced Sensitivity

Enjoy heightened sensation during climax.


Enhanced Appearance

Enjoy a thicker, fuller penis. Increased vascularity.

Arlington ED Treatment GAINSWave®

The Root Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Men of all ages can experience ED.  As early as age 20, your body starts to change and two things happen.  One, the generation of new blood vessels in your penis drastically decreases.  Blood vessels are a critical component to long, strong erections.  They are the channels that deliver blood to your manhood creating an erection. Less channels, means less blood flow which can lead to weaker erections. 

Two, micro-plaques begin to form in the blood vessels of the penis in those men predisposed to such conditions, such as those predisposed to or suffering from coronary artery disease.  As it continues to build up, it can restrict blood flow when you’re trying to achieve an erection. This usually happens to men around the age of 30, and can get progressively worse as you age. Indeed, nearly 70% of men suffer from lifestyle-altering ED by the age of 70.

With that in mind, by age 40, many men experience some form of ED and they start looking for solutions.  Pills and even injections have been the standard for treatment…until now.

Here’s How GAINSWave ® Works

GAINSWave® is changing the game when it comes to treating ED.    Using low-intensity sound waves (also referred to as acoustic wave therapy), a vibrating wand gently breaks up plaque formation in the blood vessels and works to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.   Doing this also helps promote growth of new nerve tissue in the penis.  Improving blood flow, stimulating new blood vessel growth, and new nerve growth work synergistically to create a stronger erection, and a more satisfying intimate experience.

GAINSWave ® vs. Other Treatments

Pills and injections have been used for years to treat the symptoms of ED but neither actually treat the root cause the way GAINSWAVE® does. Together with our other services such as the P-Shot, Testosterone optimization, and Tri-Mix injectables, our goal is to treat the root causes of ED to provide a more satisfying intimate experience for our men, while minimizing the downfalls of common pills.  Here is a side-by-side comparison of GAINSWAVE® vs it’s competitors.

You’ll quickly see that none rise to the occasion quite like GAINSWave®!

Why You Should Choose Physician’s Ageless Solutions to Treat ED

When it comes to pills and other ED treatments, just about any Arlington, Dallas, or Fort Worth doctor can treat you. However, you are not likely treating the root cause of the problem, and your issue may continue to worsen, with decreased pill efficacy and more side effects.

Additionally, it’s good to work with a local specialist who focuses on this subject. The company behind GAINSWave ® has a medical advisory board that assists in providing clinical training and quality control to its network of providers. In order to offer GAINSWave® our professional staff has undergone extensive training and earned their certification.  When you choose PAS in Arlington, TX for ED treatments, you are getting comprehensive care using several cutting-edge procedures that treat the root cause of the problem, while working with highly trained providers.


How many treatments are required?

Patients usually need between 6 to 12 sessions that take between 15 to 20 minutes each to realize their full results.

What should I expect during my appointments?

We adhere to all the protocols put in place by the creator of this treatment.  For detailed information on what to expect at your visit, click here to visit GAINSWave®’s  website.  

Are there side effects to this treatment?

Unlike pills that often come with adverse side effects, there are no known adverse side effects when using acoustic wave therapy to treat ED, and there is zero downtime.

Do I need anesthesia?

No, it is not necessary.  We apply a topical numbing cream to ensure the procedure is comfortable. Many men do not require any numbing at all, and are quite comfortable with the treatment.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate?

The best thing to do is schedule a consultation with our exceptional staff.  In the meantime, you can visit the GAINSWave® website and take this quiz.

Do you have testimonials?

Yes!  There are many testimonials for this treatment on GAINSWave®’s site.  Click here to view them.

How much does GAINSWave® therapy cost at PAS, and what types of payment do you accept?

Our medical and laser professionals are exceptionally trained at what we do, and we adhere to all standards of GAINSWave therapy. Cost is standardized at $3,000 for a 6-treatment pack, and $5,000 for a 12-treatment pack. We accept cash, all major credit cards, HSA, and CareCredit.  PAS accepts CareCredit with a $200 minimum, and 6-months term only.  Want to learn more about CareCredit? Click here. 

Is GAINSWave® covered by my insurance?

Physician’s Ageless Solutions does not accept health insurance of any type and assumes no responsibility in ensuring insurance coverage of any treatment or service rendered. Should you wish to investigate your own insurance coverage, PAS may provide the medical records necessary upon request. Payment is due in full at time of service and includes cash, credit card, debit card or CareCredit. A valid photo ID must be present at the time of purchase.

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