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P-Long – Increase the Size of Your Manhood Without Surgery

More than 50% of men wish their manhood was larger.  If you’re one of them, keep reading.  Physician’s Ageless Solutions in Arlington, Texas provides the only clinically proven protocol to naturally increase the size of your manhood without surgery, cosmetic fillers, or harmful side effects.  This cutting-edge penile enhancement treatment is called P-Long!



P Long Treatments in Arlington

What is P-Long?

P-Long is a clinically proven combination of therapeutic treatments including:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections
  • AFFIRM Nitric Oxide Booster
  • RestoreX Traction Device
  • Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Vacuum Device

When used together as prescribed, Dr. Greco and the team at PAS can help you realize long term results that include:

Benefits of PLong Treatments

Dr. Greco is a Certified Provider in Texas of the P-Long Protocol

Working with a certified provider is essential when exploring innovative, nonsurgical techniques for sexual health and penile enhancement. Indeed, PAS is a “Center of Excellence” as recognized by the Cellular Medicine Association for administration of the P-Shot®.

At PAS, we have performed countless, successful treatments of the P-Shot® for men, as well as the O-Shot® for women. These natural, plasma-based services are an essential part of our comprehensive sexual wellness programs for both men and women. Dr. Greco has gone through extensive training and learned how to implement the P-Long Protocol.  Her education ensures that this treatment will be safe yet effective and most importantly, you’ll get optimal results.

Don’t Put Your Manhood at Risk

There are other providers in Texas offering penile enhancement treatments.  If you’re considering your options, do your homework before committing to a procedure. Currently, the options available for penile enhancement are quite costly and feature a host of possible unwanted results and side effects. 

Here are the current options available for penile enhancement: 

  • The Penuma Surgical Implant – In addition to having to go through an actual surgery, dozens of men have had their permanent implants removed due to infection, pain, or dissatisfaction, which ultimately reduces length.
  • Suspensory Ligament Division – This is another surgical option that changes the angle of your manhood.  It can result in the development of scar tissue that shrinks your manhood.
  • Cosmetic Dermal Fillers – While we LOVE fillers for the face, using them to enhance your manhood is only a temporary solution. Fillers will not increase your length and any results you do achieve will only last between 1-2 years.   Injecting dermal fillers can also lead to a lumpy, bumpy manhood. Dermal Fillers are only temporary and your treatment may be quite costly. There are better penile enhancement treatments available and we are happy to discuss them over a free consultation.

Now there is P-Long…

P-Long was created as a safer, more effective alternative to all these methods allowing men to increase the size and function of their manhood without expensive surgery, side effects and unwanted results. Best of all, results are maintained with no known negative side-effects.

The P-Long Study

The creators of the P-Long Protocol wanted to ensure the safety and efficacy of this treatment. Before bringing this treatment to the public, they conducted The P-Long Study*.  The study consisted of a control group of 32 men who utilized the P-Long Protocol led by some of the most prestigious pioneers in the men’s sexual health field.

The results were impressive!

  • 100% of men in the study increased the length of their manhood by almost 1” and the girth by a ½”.  
  • 0% reported negative side effects or complications from the treatments.
  • 100% of the men that participated reported a significant increase in their overall erectile function after treatments.


* The P-Long Study is an institutional review board-approved study listed by the NIH at clinicaltrials.com and accepted for oral presentation by the International Society of Sexual Medicine and the Sexual Medicine Society of North America.  

PAS is Recognized as a Center of Excellence

PAS is recognized as a Center of Excellence for complimentary procedures such as the P-Shot®.  The P-Shot® is a patented and tightly regulated treatment protocol invented by Dr. Charles Runels. There are many impostors and “similar” type treatments that could give sub-par results at best, or threaten your safety at worst. Only Certified Priapus Shot providers, like PAS, have trained in this patented method and adhere to regulated protocol and quality control, and only certified P-Shot® providers should perform the P-Shot®. By adhering to a regulated protocol, we are able to ensure a uniform treatment to our patients, while collecting and analyzing data from patients all over the world.

As a result, we are proud to be recognized as a Center of Excellence for the P-Shot® and O-Shot® sexual health treatments. 

Learn more about the P-Shot. 


Center of Excellence Badge

Physician’s Ageless Solutions is recognized as a Center of Excellence, participating in research by the company that developed the P-Shot and O-Shot. 

RF Enhanced OShots

Offers REO – Physician’s Ageless Solutions is also recognized for offering Radio Frequency Enhanced O-Shot treatments. 


Where can I learn more about the science behind this and the results?

Here is an excellent video that explains some of the more detailed concepts behind this treatment that also highlights the results. 

The official P-Long website created by the P-Long pioneer, urologist Dr. Judson Brandeis, is your hub for all things P-Long including the history, the research, the science, and a shopping portal to purchase the key components of the P-Long protocol. Visit https://p-long.com/

Who is a good candidate for P-Long?

P-Long is a fantastic option for most men considering penile enlargement with the exception of men who have previously undergone penile augmentation surgery.  If you have specific concerns about your candidacy, the best thing to do is schedule a consultation with PAS.

How long do results last?

Unlike temporary fillers that only last between 1-2 years, P-Long results are expected to last long.

An excellent example is braces. After your braces have been removed, your teeth do not immediately go back to the way they were. However, it is known that over time lifestyle, bony changes with aging, or intrinsic factors special to you can cause a slow re-shifting of the teeth, requiring another tune-up.  We believe that as long as a man is having rigid night time erections, that his erectile length and girth will maintain.  It may be a good idea for men to continue to take AFFIRM after completing the P-Long protocol.  Studies show that boosting Nitric Oxide naturally improves erectile health and that there are other significant health benefits including improved athletic performance, cognition, blood pressure and immune system function.  And there are no known negative side effects.

Are there intimacy restrictions after treatments? Anything else I should avoid?

At PAS, we take pride in providing nonsurgical solutions that deliver results, with minimal-to-no downtime. There are no intimacy restrictions after your treatments. After your P-Shot, you should avoid alcohol and smoking, as these can lead to bleeding, bruising, and poor healing. A patient should be in general good health, and leading a healthy lifestyle at the time of treatment. There should be no active infection or illness. Use of steroids, and other anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, naprosyn, Advil, Aleve, Motrin, etc should be avoided. Excess alcohol consumption should be avoided before, during, and after treatment. Smoking should be avoided. Good hydration is key.

How much does P-Long cost and will my insurance cover it?

Choosing the provider for your P-Shot is your most important decision. At PAS, we are a recognized Center of Excellence for our P-Shot, reflecting the number of satisfied patients we have treated. The cost for the P-Long protocol at PAS is $5,500. This includes your 6 monthly P-Shots, at the outstanding price of $917 each. Compare this to the single price of one P-Shot, at $1,800. Your treatment also includes your Dr. Kaplan penile pump, gifted to you as part of your treatment. PAS also offers Shock It Up, https://www.shockitup.net/, an exquisite Nitric-Oxide drink blend with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. Only the Restore-X traction device must be purchased from P-Long website, https://p-long.com/. We advise that once you decide to move forward with the P-Long protocol, that you purchase your traction device as soon as possible, even prior to starting therapy.

Insurance does not cover the cost of this procedure. PAS does accept CareCredit, a third-party credit card for cosmetic, medical, and dental purchases, with 6 months terms to break up your payments. We may also discuss a payment plan that works for you, during our consultation.

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