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Have you ever wondered what’s really inside your pores..? The obvious is correct such as black heads, whiteheads. But have you ever had your pores vacuumed and seen the actual ‘gunk’ that comes out? (iykyk (emoji eyes)). We all think we wash our faces well, until you see the vial of vile components.

This is where HydraFacial comes in. The one and only HydraFacial is renowned and proven to be a better option to the traditional “facials”. Our Signature HydraFacial is a 3 step process which includes, exfoliation, extraction, and infusion separately and simultaneously with the bonus of a gentle chemical peel.


The first step is exfoliation where I attach the, single use only, exfoliation tip to the handpiece and give you 2 solid passes. There is also a solution involved with each step. The first solution used during exfoliation is Activ-4 which helps to break up any debris on the skin; a prep to the extraction step.


The next step is the chemical peel.


Now I know there are some people out there that have misconceptions and reservations about chemical peels, but the Glysal by HydraFacial is a great way to start. It combines Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid. To those of you that are not familiar with either of these: Glycolic is in the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family. It works the surface of our skin, so it is best for texture and tone. It helps to accelerate cell turnover, giving us a smoother complexion and more ever texture.

Salicylic acid is in the Beta family of Hydroxy Acids and I like to say it is more patient. It seeps down a little slower/deeper and works to clear the bacteria out of our skin, as well as dissolve other crystalizing debris that our pores can produce, as in keratosis etc. There are 3 strengths that we have in office. The 7.5% Glysal is the mildest and most popular. There is also a 15% and 30%.  The high majority of patients do not peel or flake from the 7.5%, although it is not common, it can happen. You may experience more dryness or flaking with the 15 or 30%. It is also very important to be mindful that there is a chemical peel involved. If you know that you have a busy, sunny weekend coming up in the next week, you should forgo the HydraFacial, unless you can be sure that you’ll be out of direct sunlight and excessive heat. If you can not abide by this advice, you will most likely get a mild sunburn. SPF 50 will be your friend forever and always.

The second step is the extraction process.

This is where we get a lot of gold. Our pores are full of dirty little nuggets that we’re excited to be rid of. The first steps solution, Activ-4, has prepped the pores and skin to release the debris so that the Beta- HD can clear out the pore to a squeaky clean also helping to prevent buildup. Think of it like little tiny tornadoes for your skin (tornado emoji) without the destruction. This is similar to the first step, but usually only in the T-zone area and a bit slower in motion. We also offer extra extractions with a tool, upon request.

After the extractions, it is time to neutralize the chemical peel that we applied before this step and to clean the machine recommended by the manufacturer of HydraFacial- this is a very important step.

Lastly, is all of our infusion steps.

This is where we get to lay the product down instead of a tug and pull. There are a few different serums boosters to choose from at this stage. One of the most popular is the HydroPeptide Power Serum. This is an anti-wrinkle serum that helps to lift the tiny creases in the skin. Another important booster is for those that struggle with redness or hyper-sensitive skin, called ZO Rosatrol. Don’t forget about Britenol, and DermaBuilder by HydraFacial itself.

Once this step has been decided, then we can move on to the final infusion step. Because we have depleted the skin from all things good and bad, now we must put some of the essentials back, such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid etc., with the serum called Antiox +. These are just little kisses of moisture.

Once the Antiox + has soaked in, I will simply get you ready for the day with some daily care products. Depending on the time of day you are leaving the office will depend on what I choose to use. If it is day time, I will choose a vitamin c serum such as SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic/ Phloretin CF. This projects our skin from the day, as in free radicals, pollution, bacteria along with many others. For moisture I may choose Epionce Renewal Lotion or SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid, then as always, an SPF. We carry two great SPF 50’s, they are physical sunscreens that physically block the sun. These are essential to protecting your investment.

If you’re into gross stuff, at the end of the HydraFacial, there will be a container of all the debri that we have sucked from your pores. It is very satisfying to know that that gunk is no longer hanging out and squatting in our pores. Until next time. 

These treatments are best done about a month apart. Our skin regenerates itself every 28-30- days, so in order to keep the skin glowing and healthily producing new cells for new skin, we must keep the old cells at bay.


Call or Text us to book an appointment. I don’t think you’ll regret it. Your skin will thank you.



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