Summer is in full swing.. well kind of – Hello Summer 2020!


What do we associate with summer? Freedom, no school, less rules, swimming, the lakes, never ending days, quality time, sweet cherry cheeks and tan skin (while wearing spf of course), swimsuits… and the constant shaving!

Yes! Who hates shaving every other day because you’re living in your swimsuit?? Same here.


Well, we have a solution! A brand new, affordable, tolerable, damn near permanent solution at Physician’s Ageless Solutions.


InMode DioLazeXL, Laser Hair Removal/ Reduction.

This is an excellent treatment for almost all skin types, light and dark. And works best on those thick, dark hairs that you despise.

  • The ones that you think everyone can see on your lip or chin from a mile away.
  • The ones on your legs that never really go away even after you shave.
  • The ones that you dread shaving because you’re inevitably going to get razor burn, itch for a day or two, or worse, an ingrown hair from hell.


If you do not suffer from these ailments when it comes to shaving, don’t worry, you are more than likely still a candidate.

The darker the hair, the lighter the skin is a match made in heaven for this technology. The beauty of the this machine is that we can treat Fitzpatricks 1-5.

(Fitzpatrick skin types will be covered in a future blog post so stay tuned if you’re interested in the depths on skin typing or colors and who can be treated with what service) back in the day of lasers, a machine that was a one size fits all, had great results for certain people, but mediocre or detrimental results for others.

Today- InMode Aesthetics has perfected the 810 Diode laser. It’s nothing short of stellar in our opinion.

The results have been amazing. Our patients are raving about their results!


It feels good to feel good in your own skin. Especially these days with the constant pressure from social media to be this or that. Some of us just want to not shave everyday!

There are some things to consider before getting Laser Hair Removal/Reduction. Making sure you have the right skin and hair type is my job, but there are some things you can look for and prep for as well. It is best if the skin is healthy and intact, as in no rashes, lesions, bruises in the areas. Waxing or tweezing, including Nair, is not to be used within 4-5 weeks of your laser appointment. This is simply because the laser will have nothing to look for if there is not a hair in the follicle. Shaving cuts the hair at the skin level- the actual hair is still in its home beneath your skin. Most likely attached to a bulb or in another phase of hair growth. Waxing, tweezing and Nair removes or dissolves that hair from its follicle, hence nothing for the laser to find.

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Sun exposure is another huge factor to think about. We are using a true thermal laser, so there is a millisecond of high intensity heat going safely into the skin/follicle.  If your skin has extra heat or color from the sun, it is just a mixture for disaster. Possible burns could take place which could leave you with a scar or a hypo pigmentation spot (meaning- no pigment or melanin left in that area).  Another thing to consider is if you are on any medications that would create more or a photo-sensitivity to the skin such as certain oral antibiotics, or topical retinoids or acids on the skin for whatever reason. It is best to finish or stop that treatment about 5 -10 days prior to your treatment. And last but not limited to, the area must be clean shaved. The laser is looking for pigment in the skin; if there is hair on the surface of the skin, the laser will see it first and it will interrupt the therapeutic result.


It is always best to care for the skin post treatment as if you have a mild sunburn. That is essentially what it will feel like. No sun exposure for 7-14 days after the treatment, as well as no swimming that first day, and no extra heat such as hot tub, hot bath, no tanning or scrubbing the area as well.

Your treatments should be followed up with the next either 4-6 weeks apart for face, and 6-8 weeks apart for removal of body hair. Generally we like to say about 6 treatments. There are some that need less to be satisfied. Only about 20% of the hair is in the right phase of growth to actually destroy the bulb which is the hair home. This is why we recommend about 6 treatments.


We are confident that you will enjoy the results just as so many of our proud patients have.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or any suggestions on a new blog topic for the future.

Thanks for reading and wear your SPF 50- daily.



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